If we have to write a manual of manners of Ibiza houses, it should include an extensive paragraph dedicated to the right and necessary thing that is: each of them should have, at least, three movies shot in the 60s ‘ and they make throb the spectator to the speed of light with everything is good, magic and eternally inspired to ‘Peace and Love’.

Some of them could say that “Eh, it is a topic” and put in purist side, but eh, we are in Ibiza and here all the vibrations of the 60 ‘ are immortal and if one walks along certain places, he can feel resound it (and listen to) in the air.

In this way it would be right and necessary that in all the Ibiza places where it could be possible, people can find certain titles that made them sigh for having the lucky to have lived in the commune of the Merry Pranksters in California.

Con Ken Kesey, Neal Cassidy, Ken Babbs, Carolyn ‘La chica montaña‘ (the mountain girl) Adams, Stewart Brand, Del Close, Paul Foster, George Walker and Sandy Lehman-Haupt…

They were the first hippies and in them there is the origin of what vibrates and it will vibrate forever in Ibiza. On them Tom Wolfe wrote and on board of the bus the United States were crossed

They smoked marijuana, they consumed amphetamines and LSD and during their ‘road trip’ they converted many people to twoodstockhis new non-religion.

They recorded rolls and rolls of movies and they rolled themselves the hippie movie.

The possibility to enjoy of the movies that the Merry Pranksters rolled is a clean delight: pure lisergia

It is as though the Merry Pranksters had written the script of all the movies that were rolling on this subculture.

In this amazing trip across The United States on board of the bus that Neal Cassidy was leading,

(If you have seen the recent adjustment movie of “En el camino”of Kerouac, you will have felt the magnetism of the author) they were joining the key points.

One of the big stop that they did, it was in Woodstock, where besides get to live some days that changed the world, they rolled a musical documentary and some fans of the genre will enjoy up to the tears: Woodstock: 3 Days of Peace and Music.

It is colloquial known as Woodstock, the movie narrates the facts happened in the festival that took place in August 1969 in Bethel, NewYork.

Entertainment Weekly considers it as the reference point of concert movies and catalogues it as one of the best movies of entertainment never realized.

The movie was directed by Michael Wadleigh and edited by Martin Scorsese and Thelma Schoonmaker and it is one of the best lessons of history of that decade.

But in the Merry Pranksters and inWoodstock everything does not begin and finish

Let’s imagine again this right and necessary movie that we claim in the little houses and villa of Ibiza …what titles would you put back away?

Almost hides keys words in the footage and to the great majority of them it is necessary to turn to the original language: The Acid Eaters, Alice’s Restaurant, The Born Losers, Candy, Chappaqua, Easy Rider, Eggshells, The Fat Spy, The Guru,The Happening, Head, The Love-Ins, The Love Bug, More, The Party, El Profesor Hippie (yes, in Spanish!!!), Psych-Out, The Trip, Wild in the Streets, Wonderwall, Yellow Submarine, Hair…

So, what do you think if the day after having given everything in Flower Power, you choose two and organize a double session with whom you more want? A late breakfast, the house in semi-darkness and all the vibrating and resounding energy of “Peace and Love” … And you never stop do it.

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