Glastonbury: The Festival


Michael Eavis has an explosive laugh, the type that Gabriel García Márquez would say in “Cien años de soledad” (=Hundred years of loneliness) that “he frightens the doves “.

To listen him to laugh is not complicated and, basically, it laughs all the time; while he is leading

the van with he crosses every day Worthy’s farm, the mythical place where Glastonbury’s festival is celebrated from 1970.

With the lowered car window and the arm supported out, as for this norm not written of the manual of good customs of the road men and his characteristic and the fair festival_1-e1404403947133beard are drawing the profile of a man that belongs to the Olympus of the persons who have changed the history of the music and thousands of lifes.

His life changed when he saw Led Zappelin acting in the Festival of Bath of Blues and Progressive Music and he decided that he wants to create the proper one and he wanted to follow the hippies principles that reigned in Bath and that they inspired him so much.

The first Glastonbury name was Pilton Pop, Blues & Folk Festival, and it had a single scenery – which construction needed that fourteen investors that believed in the dream of Michael Eavis put their money – in which ten groups (T. Rex, Amazing Blondel, Ian A. Anderson, Keith Christmas, Quintessence, Sam Apple Pie, Stackridge, Al Stewart y Planxty) acted and it assembled 1.500 people.

Four decades later, the festival has been celebrated on alternate way during these 44 years, and it has turned into the biggest open air festival of the world.

It meets 175.000 people for each event, it goes on 5 days, they act so many groups that the line-up cannot read without losing the breath several times and it achieves that the mud and the rain turn into a place more cool that the green meadows of Coachella

Do you remember the imagine of Kate Moss with shorts and Hunter boots and the earthquake of style that it created?

For this reason; it is probably the festival that more quickly sold out the entries: they stay in sale no more than ten minutes and who buys it, does not know who will see on the scene the following year. It is definitively an act of faith. They trust in the all-powerful Eavis, with him nothing is missing

It is in this precise instant that speaking about Led Zeppelin, Michael Eavis’s laugh is cut and his look becomes serious.

Every director of festival takes weakness for an artist or a group that he dreams to see in the more mythical scene and that, normally, it is the impossible one.

The “impossible” for Eavis is Led Zeppelin and in several occasions he said that he does not doubt that he will have them in the Pyramid Stage.

It will be an act of poetical justice, undoubtedly.

To have in your festival the group that changed his life, changing that of thousands of persons…To meet Robert Plant (that this year he will be in lone in this Glastonbury’s edition), Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones that are singing the songs that one day made materialize a dream..

To see this, how thousands of persons who peregrinate every year to Worthy Farm and go mad singing and dancing songs that made tremble the world

And probably to speak with Jimmy Page of all the esoteric questions who encloses the place where Glastonbury raises. They say that they agree on Ávalon, the island where lives the fairy Morgana, where the apple trees give tasty fruits all the year and where it can be found the gravestones of the king Arturo.

With the certainty that only imaging it, this stentorian laughter opens in the breast of Eavis and it resounds in the house where it was. This laugh is not equal to other one.

The Glastonbury edition of 2014 is celebrated between 25 and l 29 June in Worthy Farm. Arcade Fire, Metallica, Kasabian, Dolly Parton, Black Keys, Robert Plant, Lana del Rey, The Black Keys, Rudimental and a big oh…… are present!

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