Everything that surrounds Hedi Slimane and everything that touches this wonderful mind is loaded by the electricity of the music.

His look, his photos, his poses, the prominent figures that he portrays and, certainly, the clothes that he designs. First in Dior Homme, and now in Saint Laurent.

He has the gift of turning in star of rock everything he portrays.

Also he has the gift of designing the clothes that the stars of rock want to wear.

And, contemporary, he has the gift of creating articles that turn the people who wear them in a star of rock.

A change has come with him in the aristocracy that sits down in the first row of fashion show.

This feminine elite that, walks along the red carpets of the events that are celebrated from the end of January and that culminate with the Oscar at the end of February, is not important for him.

jimiHe prefers that in his front row there are Courtney Love, Sky Ferreira, Alison Mosshart, Alex Turner, Miles Kane. It is more: he prefers to fill it with anonymous faces but that represent the epitome of ‘cool rock’ that he includes in every collection.

To document each fashion show is like to give form to an history of modern music. In each of them the presence of a legend overflies and Jimi Hendrix has already presented in the Week of the Man’s Fashion of Paris. Ah, Jimi Hendrix’s style! Probably more cool of the whole epoch and probably the most difficult to define and annotate. Basically, since he has got this “je ne sais quoi” of everything is unreachable; this ‘effortless chic’ so inspiring and underlying but that rarely it is possible to rub with the top of the fingers.

But we can try, let’s go to the props of his style: the cotton t-shirt – sometimes, in silk, – with acid and psychedelic prints, of enormous neck and large sleeves, with the buttons neatly buttoned, without skipping not one, only the first two.

The trousers of bell style that draw a thin, lean, elastic and definite silhouette that can only make sigh.

The zipper of these trousers, on which it was rubbing always his guitar, the most lovslimaneed and valued object, a prolongation of his soul. The bandana, the belt of leather and of enormous clasp, the sandals, the blue sneakers …..and the kimono.

Can there be something more cool and less pretentious (in the case of Jim Hendrix, clear!) respect to play with jeans and a silk kimono?

Yes, all his shirts flower power, his jackets cut by the belt, his jackets of military inspiration and the trousers of bordeaux velvet, all necklaces on the naked breast

And these hats, my god, that’s hats, full of feathers and trinkets, of details that hoard histories that only he can know.

But, especially, the attitude. And the soul. “Forgive me while I kiss the sky”, he would say in the most beautiful phrases of the history of the music.

You can try to do the experiment of dressing only a couple of these elements and the result has the highest index of being a total disaster. On the other hand, he walked with the security and the aplomb that characterizes whom is himself, whom personifies with his aesthetics a sweeping and crushing personality. As him.

While he is playing the guitar, he was in trance, his most precious value.

“When I broke my guitar it was like a sacrifice, because a person sacrifices what more he loves “, said in an occasion.

And it is easy to imagine Hedi Slimane – the ‘couturier’ of the rock – to remain fixed before Jimi’s images, lighting fire his guitar at the end of his concert in the festival of Monterey (1967) and making a kind of ritual, throwing the conjuration of a charm.

And trying to capture part of his spirit with that catch-sleeps that are his clothes. And knowing that it is almost impossible because a soul like his soul, has got an unique purity.

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