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All the trips should have a sonorous band.

Songs to remember forever the days spent in that place, certain moments, precious instants. Walks along streets, smiles in silence, promises to never forget what is contemplated through the window of the hotel waking up every day

These sonorous bands can be premeditated or accidental; they can be elaborated patiently and with charm before the trip beginning, they can be reproduced in play lists or they can be taped by both sides and with a title written by hand, black felt-tipped pen and unequal strokes

Also they can be elaborated in an accidental way, based on songs that sound in an unexpected way during the trip; the topic that a DJ sounds in the closing of the club to which the night more hedonist of the trip is consecrated, the verses that a street artist recites, the album that sounds from the beginning to the end in a shop, where people spend time doing shopping without giving much importance to the hands of the clock.

With New York this sonorous band becomes even more necessary.

It is a city so cinematographic that one feels that his steps, his visits, take music.

The walks around Manhattan, the way that it connects with Brooklyn, the late dinners in Chelsea, the cafes in the SoHo and the purchases in the Village.

The breakfast Balthazar, the snacks in Magnolia, the lunches in Peter Luger, the dinners in Momofuku, the dance in Space and the cookies with shake post-dancing in PJ Clarks.

In order to put up all these places and to draw his trip in a map. Oh, precious nostalgia, once again. There is nothing as Lou Reed and Nico’s songs.

All the members of the Factory, that prodigious space with its proper laws of space and time, placed in the fifth floor of the number 231 of the street 47 East in Midtown, Manhattan, are the 5th essence of New York but Nico and Lou Reed are the authors that wrote and recited the most authentic verses of their city.

New York is the name of the album n° 15 of Lou Reed (made in the year 1988 and published in 1989); it is universally considered (and it is not a question of a hyperbolic figure, it is the absolute reality) one of his better disc.

People who better know his career, assure that the verses that compose fourteen songs of New York are the most perfect, complex, elaborated and evocative of his discography.

In the lines that Reed wrote for the book that accompanies it, he obliges the listener to face to 57 minutes that lasts as if it was a movie or a book: sit, concentrated, dedicated to it.

For these 14 songs the Virgin María, Buddha, Myke Thyson, Rudy Giuliani, Jimi Hendrix, Bernard Goetz. They have titles as Romeo and Juliette, Halloween Parade, Beginning of a Great Adventure.

And it is the following: it is:a great adventure told in a beautiful dialog between a man and two guitars.

Rock n’ roll, New York, poetry. What could be better?

And Nico, the beutiful and damned (beautifully damned) Christa.

With an history so sad that it is not possible to find in an unique photo in which her eyes smile.

The inspiration of Warhol, the Rolling Stones, the voice of the Velvet Underground, of Lou Reed, of Ibiza, where Nico met her small paradise and where in the year 1988 she had an accident with the bike.

Circles on circles, lives that overlap each other, eternal art.

The members of the Velvet never wanted that Nico was a part of their band, Andy Warhol was insisting for this reason for much time.

She gave voice to hymns as Femme Fatale, I’ll be your Mirror y All Tomorrow’s Parties.

In all there was the essence of those days of art, drugs, hedonism, music and art. In all there was New York. And it was sure that on the Sunday morning in which Lou Reed died, somewhere Sunday Morning sounded with Nico sweet and harsh voice.

Streets of New York, in every stations.

Dawns, sunsets, midday and midnights. All should have this sonorous band. And to be reminded in the memory rigorously (and cinematographic) white and black. All the trips should have a sonorous band.

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