Basically, all in the history of the Rolling Stones, can be quantified in the form of record: they are the longer group of the rock history. All began in London in April 1962; their number 1 in the sales list can be counted doing a basic operation; and their high importance in the music history puts the band always in the top 10 in every possible list. There is something that goes beyond the numbers: the Rolling Stones are the most powerful icon of contemporary music. It is difficult to meet someone that in hearing their name does not have a mental association instantaneously.

The Beatles could be more famous than Jesus Christ, but the Rolling Stones has got a universal symbol: a giant mouth with fleshy lips where appears a sexy tongue. Yes, it is the mouth of Mick Jagger as the mouth of John Pasche, the designer of this logo that has crossed all the time limitations; it was confirmed during an interview in Vogue Spain. John and Mick met during a formal meeting in order to speak about the poster that the band wanted to draw for one of the first tour through Europe and as John tells: the Mick’s mouth was so prominent and characteristic that it was impossible to not fix it. He realized sketches for a week and finally he found it and he thought that it was the most appropriate for a logo. It expressed perfectly the attitude of the “bad boys of the rock n’ roll” that they had. It was sexy and against-system simultaneously”.

Referring to the imagine of the Rolling Stones there is something so universal as the mouth of Mick Jagger and his jeans. Yes, Mick again. This time for work and grace of Sticky Fingers that Andy Warhol drawn for this disco and it was the first time that the logo created by John Pasche, was present. How does it say?

We repeat all time: His-to-ri-cal. Anyone who has seen although once time the cover of this album, knows how it goes on. He has got a point enough sexy, ahem, evident and, as David Lynch told, it is something very “wild at heart”. Anyway it did not expect Sticky Finger to understand that the Rolling Stones had an involving and uncontrollable style. From the beginning of the year ’60 people crossed streets and clubs of London in the company of David Bailey – there were not couple of friend cooler and more attractive in the world, in this moment than the couple composed by Bailey and Mick Jagger – the fact was quite clear: these guys had it and it was nothing like good and holy ways of the Beatles. As Grace Coddington writes (creative director of Vogue America) “It was ’60, an exciting time and David Bailey was incredibly beautiful. He was cause of sighs, he was as a Beatle, but more accessible. All girls died to be in a picture with him, even if he left with Jeam Shrimpton. But it is an other and moving story. One of the people that better known the Rolling Stones, professionally and personally, is Gay Mercader. He was the first person who organized a concert of Rolling Stones in Spain. He was the promoter of so many tours for more than 50 years of the story of the band, until the memory takes its (necessary) time to remember all events. As he told to Vogue Spain, for the 50 annual of the band: “I like their music, but after the organization of many tours, after meeting, spending summers, talking with them, I can say that I love them. I can not think about that anything bad happens. I love them”

In that interview he told, one of the best description that it could be done about them and that it belongs to this legendary first meeting. “Someone called me to the door rhythmically. I asked who he was. Several times together singing, they replied: “The greatest rock n’roll band in the world”…. I opened the door and I do not know how they made it, but they were in a very aesthetic and perfect way. They were all looking at me, smiling in the best show I never heard. They were the Rolling Stones I looked that picture and I thought: “The photo has claimed life”. Magic.

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